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Press Kit

Produced on
July 15th, 2024

Wasteland Trash Metal.


Dystopioid is an extreme metal band straight outta the dystopian wasteland that is Cheyenne, Wyoming with influences from thrash metal, death metal, black metal, crust punk, grindcore, and whatever the fuck else we want. We play what we like, and we like our riffs fast, loud, and rowdy with a great deal of sex appeal…. Or whatever.


Audio Tracks

We're all in this together

Listen to it here.

Endless Division

Listen to it here.

Concrete Shoes

Listen to it here.

Buttchuggin' Sunshine

Listen to it here.

We Burn

Listen to it here.

Makin' Bacon

Listen to it here.


  • We’re All In This Together, , 04/12/2023
  • We’re Here To Help, , 06/04/2021